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I’m Lucia and I am The Travelling Taurus.

I am a true Brit through and through (I have to say please and thank you 2 million times a day and my pinky sticks out when I drink tea), but I have quite literally packed it all in and decided to live a freer life travelling, living in and experiencing as many cultures as I can squeeze in to our limited time on this beautiful planet.

HOW AND WHY?! Is what people say to me when they find out that I quit my stable job as a Science Teacher in a great school, lived with my partner in a nice house in a pretty location in the rural countryside of England, and was close to all of my family and friends. I was living the dream right?


The daily grind wore me down, had a negative impact on my mental and physical health, put strain on all of my important relationships and stripped me of my identity.

I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted.

And it took for me to be in tears at the thought of setting foot back in my workplace after a holiday to have the revelation that life didn’t have to be as difficult and stressful as we are conditioned to believe that it is.

So that night we booked a one way flight to a country we had never been to, with no savings, no job prospects and certainly no form of the security that I had built for myself in the UK.

And it was the start of my pursuit of a life of freedom and abundance.

 So why did I start The Travelling Taurus?

The Travelling Taurus is designed to inspire, motivate and guide you to living your life in the richest form of freedom and abundance.

The Travelling Taurus is for you if:

  • You are done with the pressures and expectations of society
  • You believe in a life beyond the 9-5
  • You are seeking a life of happiness
  • You want to put yourself back in control of your life

What do I write about?

With the main goal being to live a life of happiness, freedom and abundance, I have categorized my posts in to 4 sections that I believe sum up the ways we can seek these things in life:

Mindset freedom

Posts in this category will explore how we can remove mental blocks to achieving the life we dream of, and how to alter our mind set so we can receive and achieve more readily.

Money freedom

If only we had more money right?! Well posts in this area dive in to how we can move away from the conventional 9-5 trap and seek an income fuelled by passion that also supports our lifestyle as a whole.

Time freedom

In the chaos of society as we know it, can any of us really say we give ourselves enough time to pursue our true passions, creativity and relationships? Posts here will look at how we can re-evaluate our schedules to spend time on what really matters to us,  and cut the crap that eats in to our precious minutes but does not serve us.

Location freedom

Many people feel as though their limitations are set by the location they reside in. Well, what if location was not set? What if it was fluid? Here I will draw on my own experiences of moving across the world, and lay out methods where travel and life can become synonymous and a reality if that is what you seek.

I see you’re interested in living a life of freedom… awesome! Welcome aboard!

Head over to my blog page now to see my latest posts and life ponderings. I’ll see you there!

Love and joy

Lucia  x