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5 TED Talks To Help You Master Money Management

5 TED Talks To Help You Master Money Management

Money management is something most of us hate talking about.

Just those words alone spark anxiety, discomfort and a sense of pressure.

But the fact of the matter is if we want to completely design our lives and live out our dreams and desires, we are going to have to face our money fears.

Financial freedom is a huge part of achieving our goals and dreams.

So you might not desire an expensive car or the latest designer shoes on the market… I know those things have never had a place on my vision board.

But you may still need money for other enriching experiences that DO adhere to your dream life.

Want to live in a villa on the beach? Take your family to Disneyland? To quit your job?

You’re going to need to be a master at money management to do that. Or at least need to have the money knowledge and skills to bring those changes into effect quickly and efficiently.  

But what is money management?

Money management involves tracking, budgeting, investing and evaluating the money you come in to contact with effectively.

Sound a bit daunting right?!

Thankfully you don’t have to be a self-professed money guru to be able to BECOME good at managing money.

It only takes breaking down some of those uncomfortable money barriers, open up the space and time to consider your money habits, and take the advice of people who have proven success to make the positive changes you need.

And how awesome is it that we live in a world where we have access to these experts just by one quick Google search?!

TED talks are my go to method of seeking advice (and a bit of motivation), and I have recently been reflecting and improving my own money management methods by taking n the advice of these gurus.

So why not take some time out of your busy schedule today to watch a couple of these TED talks – all design to help you re-evaluate your relationship with money and help you become a master of money management too!  

Let’s get honest about our money problems – Tammy Lally

Tammy shares a heart wrenching story of the impact that money can have on our mental health.

After the humbling shock introduction, Tammy goes on to share a little more about the money beliefs we hold and how we can steer away from ‘money shame’.

If you know money makes you feel uncomfortable and you’re reluctant to start the process of money management with your own finances, this talk is the one for you!

How to properly manage your money like the rich – Tom Ferry

Alright so you are willing to take down the money barriers that might be preventing your best money management techniques.

But, uh, what techniques should you be using?

Granted I don’t think this is an official TED talk, but Tom Ferry gives some amazing tips for using money as a tool to create success in your life.

That’s the goal right?

Well as Ferry so bluntly points out, only 15% of people are actually living comfortably and don’t need to rely on government/their sole job/family for money.

So I jumped on Ferry’s techniques where he recommends how to split a check to get the most value out of it as possible. So I can become one of those 15%.

If you’re ready for some hard truths about poor and rich people habits, go and give it a watch.

It doesn’t take money to make money – Brandon Leibel

It’s fairly obvious that if we have more money coming in, we will be closer to living a financially free and comfortable life.

But then we go around in circles where we see our pay check and realise there is only so far that money will go, no matter how well we manage it.

 Well, part of money management is learning to control and maximise our income too.

But, oh, it takes money to make money right? Back to square one.

Thankfully Brandon Leibel dives in to how we can get that income figure up, WITHOUT that huge monetary investment.

He has an interesting take on how to gain influence in the online space.

And as soon as you have a small amount of influence or following, you can monetize.

If you don’t take anything else away from this talk, it’s an awesome 12 minutes of motivation and what it takes to follow unconventional routes to monetary success.

One life-changing class you never took – Alexa Von Tobel

Von Tobel points out the sad reality that 61% of Americans live pay check to pay check.

So back tracks and asks the question most of us are too afraid to ask: why?  

After her years of work in personal finance, Von Tobel walks through an average graduate’s life and decisions they make that impact their financial situation.

Although some of this is specific to America, there is certainly a lot to learn about the decisions we make but never question, and how these choices are usually the sole reason for our current personal finance position.

Another hard truth, but the good news is that this mindset empowers you to become more conscious of the decisions you make NOW, that will impact your future situation.

I’d say it’s well worth the 11 minutes out of your day!

You’re spending too much! – Jordon Cox

Cox is a fellow Brit who seems to be the ultimate master of saving money.

Including making a commute via plane to Berlin rather than taking a train because it cost him £8 less per day…

Yeah, I wouldn’t do that either.

But he does show us some super savvy methods of reducing our outgoings.

Less outgoings = more saving.

Sounds great!

Even better, he utilizes coupons, loyalty cards and a bunch of lesser known methods to keep those secret favourite brands just as much in our lives as they are today.

He taps in to mindset and gives some staggering figures of savings from making tiny changes.

I for one have already started saving on my daily Starbucks from his methods. That’s reason enough to watch it right 😉

If you’re feeling as though money management makes you uncomfortable today, those TED talks are all designed for you.

Let’s take control of our finances and become masters of money management as a way to get to our dream lives together!

If you have any awesome money management methods I would love to hear them! Just drop a comment below and we can start sharing your methods with the world!

For more on this topic, check out my post on 5 steps to financial freedom. Let’s be financially free together!

Love and joy

Lucia  x

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