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The Benefits Of Spending Regular Time In Solitude

The Benefits Of Spending Regular Time In Solitude

Alone time can feel awkward and uncomfortable if it’s not something you are used to.

I know I would freak out at the thought of going out for dinner alone! Maybe afraid of judgements from others, maybe just afraid of doing something new and different.

But now I eat dinner out on my own at least once a week. And it feels comfortable and enjoyable.

Some of the best things in life can happen when you are on your own: exercise, reading, showers, binge watching your favourite TV show… so why don’t we embrace time alone instead of avoid it?

Below I have outlines some of the reasons we should learn to love spending time in solitude and things we can do to make it feel more comfortable for us too 🙂

It is a chance to learn

Whether you are a reader, a TV binger or YouTube fanatic, you can use this time to learn more on topics that interest you using whichever source of information you find most interesting.

No compromising on what to watch or read. Just following your own interests.

Creativity and productivity will be boosted

Letting your mind wander often brings you to pretty weird ideas… like when I find myself thinking about who decided to pineapple on pizza for the first time. Or how I find myself thinking about the one time someone told me that cereal is a type of soup.

But in between the weirdness can be some really interesting ideas.

It is that space where entrepreneurs thrive and have those moments of genius that change the world. Embrace it!

You can plan your life

Get out the journal and your best stationary!

Alone time can be just the space you need to think and reflect on your goals, set new ones or make a vision board for how you want your life to look.

This post from a fellow blogger is great for learning how to make an effective vision board.

You will feel well rested

Being social can be exhausting. Although also super important to a balanced life, it can be equally healthy to spend time to heal both emotionally and physically.

That often involves being alone.

In fact, most of my favourite self-care practises involve time in solitude. It’s perfect for those rest and recharge days.

It makes you self-reliant

When you have an amazing support network it can be easy to rely on others and slowly let them make decisions for you.

Especially if you are in a relationship, it can be really easy to become dependent on one another and to lose grasp of making decisions on your own and for your own interests.

Alone time can give you that chance to take back control and make yourself feel like the sole driver of your life again!

You can get to know yourself better

My personal favourite way of doing this is through journaling (or guided writing, whatever you want to call it).

This post introduces some journal prompts to get you thinking about some answers to questions we never really ask ourselves but probably should!

Journaling was the first time I had actually produced something that held me accountable to the things I wanted but only allowed myself to want as fleeting thoughts.

Writing about myself has certainly given me a better perspective of my strengths, flaws and goals. Things that I probably would have ignored if I hadn’t started journaling.

So pick up that pen and start some self discovery!

You will appreciate those closest to you more

Living abroad I spend a lot more time in solitude than ever.

And that time alone has made me appreciate all the time I spend with loved ones that little bit more. And I schedule a lot more time to speak/be with them too!

I would love to know what benefits you find from spending time in solitude!

So as always just drop a comment or get in touch 🙂

Love and joy

Lucia  x

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