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Month: December 2018

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Top 10 Travel Destinations In SE Asia for 2019

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5 Steps to Achieving Financial Freedom

5 Steps to Achieving Financial Freedom



Financial freedom sounds like the true dream.


Pina coladas on the beach, days filled with sun, sand and adventure… all in the peaceful knowledge that money is taking care of itself.


No worries. No anxiety.


But for so many of us this feels like a pipe dream.


So what if we looked at financial freedom a little differently?


Ultimately, financial freedom is the ability to maintain a lifestyle you desire without relying on the single pay check you receive every month.


When we work with this definition, achieving financial freedom can be broken down in to steps that don’t feel so scary or completely out of reach.


We need to remove the reliance on a single pay check, and earn enough through other methods (usually multiple income streams) that lets us live out a life that we love.


Because this can feel mammoth and completely overwhelming, I have put together some steps that can keep us aligned with our financial goals.




Step 1: overcome money mindset barriers


Read from the experts. For me, the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris and Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denis Duffield Thomas were the books that completely overhauled my money mindset barriers and put me on the path to wealth.


In a nutshell, I have learned to stop budgeting my life according to what the pay check says, and start manipulating my income according to what my dream lifestyle says.


Is it always easy? No. Is it 100% achievable for EVERYONE willing to learn and take a step in to the unknown? ABSOLUTELY.




Step 2: set a warrior line


A warrior line was the first actionable step that I took to changing how I felt about money – particularly feeling as though money was abundant in my life.


Warrior lines are a set amount of money that you vow you will never dip below in your bank account.


No matter how little, if you know you will always have $100, $1000, $100,000 sat in your account without being touched, it invoked feelings of security and comfort around money.


I was so surprised at how I no longer felt dread and fear when checking my bank account once I had set a warrior line. And the feeling of pride and fulfilment you get when you are financially able to raise your warrior line higher and higher is awesome as you can physically see your abundance of wealth increasing.





Step 3: set some financial goals


Design your goals around the life you want to live.


For me, I knew I wanted to have complete freedom to travel and live in many different countries. So I set the goal of travelling to 3 new countries every 12 months.


To make this goal a reality, I knew I had to earn X amount. From there I could set the financial goal I needed to make that happen alongside all other expenditure.


A different approach could be to ask yourself these questions:


In my wildest dreams, how much money would I feel completely satisfied with coming in?


How much money would I need to feel as though I was fully accomplished financially and completely satisfied with my earnings?


These are powerful questions and will almost certainly make you feel empowered and inspired from just setting out that clear goal.




Step 4: create multiple income streams


Relying on one pay check is what killed my creativity, freedom and happiness for a while in my life.


Knowing you NEED that money gives your employer complete power over you.


It leaves you doing whatever you can to please them, regardless of personal welfare, and increases resentment and resistance towards work you may well enjoy.


Instead, increasing your overall revenue from opening extra streams of income helps you change your mindset towards your primary income source.


By supplementing your income this way I found that I was more likely to assert my boundaries in the workplace and was no longer afraid of saying no. I knew that if they didn’t like it I would have enough money from my other income streams to be able to support myself for at least a little while!


Traditional additional income streams would include renting a property, or investing in high ticket items and selling them for profit.


Thankfully in the digital age it has become much more achievable to open additional income streams through online means such as blogging (hi there), opening online shops, or even selling material things you no longer need.





Step 5: invest in yourself


Finally, the one we are naturally quite averse to if we have anxiety surrounding money.


And no, I don’t mean investing in getting your nails done or having your hair done at the most overpriced salon for 500 miles.


I mean invest in your education. Invest time and money in to finding opportunity.


I have recently parted with what I once believed to be an insane amount of money for a mentor.


But why? How do you gain financial freedom from spending more?


Well, firstly, it reaffirms the belief that you will always earn back what you spend. Some even argue that the more you spend, the more you NEED to earn more and it consequently your income explodes from the increased commitment to earn more.


Secondly, as a former full time teacher I cannot help but place the highest importance on education.


The more you learn, the more you equip yourself with the knowledge given to you on a plate by experts in a never ending number of fields.


You will grow in your skill set, mind set and ability to find and create more opportunity to earn.


And finally, investing in yourself builds confidence and self worth. Two key things any person needs to make any income stream a success!





Even just from writing about this I feel bursting with ideas for increasing wealth in my own life!


Financial freedom is no longer a pipe dream.


We live in the best age to achieve out idea of wealth and success.


So let’s live it.


As always I would love to hear your experiences of achieving financial freedom and abundance, so don’t be afraid to comment or get in touch!



Wishing you freedom and wealth


Lucia  x


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