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Month: September 2018

Is Emigrating The Right Choice For You?

Is Emigrating The Right Choice For You?

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The Truth About Cost Of Living In Vietnam

The Truth About Cost Of Living In Vietnam

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What To Do In A Medical Emergency In Vietnam

What To Do In A Medical Emergency In Vietnam

Medical care in Vietnam was a bit of an unknown to me, even when we moved here I still didn’t really know what to expect or what I would do if I did need emergency medical care.

Well I had to learn pretty quick, because this week I went down with fever over 40 and a pretty nasty case of tonsillitis.

Now I never thought that would constitute as a medical emergency, until I collapsed and was seeing double.

I’m quite a big believer in letting your body smooth out illness on its own wherever possible, so that was my original plan when I got sick.

But it’s also sensible to know where your limits are and when to call for help.

And thankfully the medical care I received was efficient, effective and smooth from start to finish!

Here are the steps I took when it came to organising immediate medical care:


1) Prepare properly – get a decent travel/medical insurance cover

I first came here with a travel insurance policy whilst I find a health insurance package that is suitable. Thankfully my provider (insureandgo) have been really helpful from start to finish. If I hadn’t have had insurance the costs could have been through the roof, and it would have been harder to find a good practice to be treated in.

Obviously if you plan on staying longer term, a medical insurance plan is the best way to go as they won’t fly you home in the case of a long term treatment plan, you are entitled to long term treatment in the country you are living in.


2) Know the relevant emergency numbers

115 is the ambulance number. Vietnamese people are super helpful and they are bound to help if either yourself or someone you know need to communicate in vietnamese quickly over the phone. You should also know your insurance emergency number too, or at least have easy access to it because they speak your native language and they are likely to organise everything for you anyway!


3) Go to a well known, English speaking private practice

I couldn’t imagine trying to communicate in a different language with tonsils the size of golf balls. It is much less stressful to go somewhere that you know you will be able to communicate the problems effectively.

I used Family Medical Practice and would recommend them every day of the week. I went at 11pm and their out of hours service is superb. They are attentive, thorough and communicate very well. There are known for being pricey, but I really think it’s worth it. Especially if your insurance is paying!


4) Have someone with you that can liaise with insurance and medical staff if you aren’t capable

I think I will be forever grateful that my boyfriend was with me as he was the person calling the insurance a thousand times and discussing tests with doctors as I laid getting waited on hand and foot and having porridge made for me in the hospital bed.

It’s not always possible, but having someone there to get across the message you need when you’re just too exhausted is invaluable.

(Thank you Josh!)


5) Get better!

Give yourself reasonable time to rest and recover.

I was a little shocked to find that my work were expecting me to go back the next day! I mean, I knew they had a good work ethic but it was probably my stubbornness to admit I was actually sick that got me in to this mess in the first place!

Go get some pho ga and rest up!


So I know a lot of this sounds straight forward but in that moment of realising I needed medical help it would have been super helpful to have seen a list if what to expect.

And if you do find yourself in this situation – don’t worry! The Vietnamese medical staff are very attentive and caring and are so willing to help.

If any of you have had any experiences with medical care in Vietnam or any other country I would love to hear about it 🙂

Drop a comment or get in touch!

Happy adventuring,

Lucia x


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